Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ugh! So I guess its that time again. Since we have been married we have moved 6 times. Some of you might ask, "Alicia, are you a carni or in the circus or something?" Very good guess but unfortunately no. I am beginning to think that would be a good choice of career for us and probably have more stability than we have experienced up to now. Until than we are moving to Cedar City for Brian to finish his education. While this is very sad for us because we love Heber City so much we are excited to be closer to my sister Jessica and her husband Jesse whom we love and have tons of fun with. We will be moving in the next week or so and hope to have everything settled in the new place before we go to Hawaii. That is our goal anyway. If any of you are dying to help us pack and move just give me a call. We can use all the help we can get.

Happy Birthday Gabriella!!

Our little girl turned 1 on Monday! I cant believe she is so old and grown up. We had a little party for her down in Richfield at my parents house and had a good time. She got some fun toys but mostly I think she would have been happy just to play with the wrapping paper. We had her doctors appointment yesterday and go figure she is in the 90th percentile for height and the 20th for weight. Just a long sring bean like her dad (her mom used to be one too.. long ago). We are just so proud to be her parents as she is the sweetest, funniest little girl in the world. I dont know how it is possible that she gets cuter and funner every day. She is definitely getting quite a strong personality though which is hilarious. The other day she was digging through my purse and found a piece of chocolate (weird) which she started sucking on ferociously. I took it away from her and threw it in the garbage only to have her scream and yell at me and proceed to crawl to the garbage, dump it over grab the chocolate again and cram it in her mouth. Like mother like daughter I guess. I love my little girl and cant imagine my life without her.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kate the Hair Whisperer

I just got back from a fun little trip to Las Vegas to visit my girlfriend Katie who I have been friends with for well.. just about 16 years. I decided I needed some girlfriend time alone without baby and husband to somewhat rejuvinate myself. It was sorely needed to say the least. So Katie is my super stylish hair guru friend who is darling and beautiful and so fun to be with. Her husband happened to be gone as well so it was definitely girl time. If anyone has seen me lately they know that my hair was in dire condition and needed some tlc and some color to battle the roots and grey hair (yes I have grey hair). Katie totally worked her magic on me and I feel like a new woman with new hair. She is so talented and I absolutely love it. Not only do I have new hair but we also talked so much that I think I resolved most of the issues I have been having lately with being a stay at home mom and feeling like crap most days. So thanks to my dear friend I no longer want to jump off a bridge and I look better too. Who could ask for anything more.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Day of "Firsts"

Gabriella had a big, big day today. Many firsts occurred in her life and so I thought I would share.

1-First ponytail; Granted its on the top of her head and sticks straight into the air but I was just proud that it is long enough to fit in a rubber band.

2-First tooth; Finally we have a little tiny tooth popping out. I cant even see it its so new but I can definitely feel it and it is sharp. We have been waiting for this for quite some time and it is a very big occasion.

3-First bike ride; She got to ride in the bike trailer with her friend Ruby today and she loved it. We rode to the park where she also experienced...

4-First big girl swing set; So adorable and she was quite content swinging back and forth although the biggest smiles didnt come until I had pushed her high. She is definitely a dare devil like her dad. I will follow with pictures...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mountain biking adventure

Yesterday we had the great fun of going mountain biking with our good friends Mason and Emily. I really havent ever been officially "mountain biking" in the actual mountains so I was a bit nervous but excited as well. Once we started on the trail, which was beautiful, I was thinking to myself that it wasnt as hard as I had thought it would be. It was down hill for part of it so I coasted and looked at the scenery and all was well. Then came the switchbacks. Ordinarily that word would not cause fear to come into my heart but after experiencing my first down hill switchback I was terrified every time I heard the biker in front yell "switchback". I seriously came close to eating dirt so many times and thats even with me walking my bike. After one very scary switchback in which I nearly died I discovered that my brake had twisted, locking itself onto the rear tire. Emily was kind enough to carry my useless bike while I walked hers, hoping we would eventually find our husbands who had left us far behind. Apparently they were more confident in our abilities then they should have been. Thankfully a good samaritan saw our plight and stopped and actually fixed my bike. While standing watching him work his magic I unbelievably came close to falling off the side of the trail to my death. Apparently I was safer on my bike than on my feet. Who would have thought. So bike gets fixed and Emily and I are on our way again. We made it to the last mile which is apparently the steepest decline of the whole trail and very rocky. We decided to walk our bikes most of the way down, riding when it would flatten out a bit. While on one of those "riding" bits I must have misjudged the steepness and as I traveled down, hit a rock at a very high speed and completely flipped over my handle bars. I also took my bike with me and it rolled on top hitting my head in the process. Ouch!!! To say the least I was in pain. Very scary and yet pretty typical for one of my out of doors experiences. Again the husbands are nowhere to be seen so Emily and I finished the final leg walking, me limping, to the end. What we originally thought was going to be an easy 1 hour bike ride became a death defying three hour adventure. All in all though it was very fun and something I hope to do again. All but the flying off my bike part. Here are some pictures of the damage. I was hoping to have pictures of us all smiling and fresh looking after the ride but we could barely stand let alone put together a photo shoot so you will have to make do with seeing pictures of my battered body. ENJOY!