Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New tooth, school and other life altering phenomenon

Houston we have a tooth! Its a miracle! After teething for what has seemed like at least the majority of his life so far we finally have something to show for it. Although my excitement is genuine I also at the same time cringe in agony to picture that little tooth clamping onto my... well one of those things that babies feed from. You know.. those sensitive things which at one time were nice and perky and that are now swollen and saggy and soon to be teething chew toys. I apologize if this is a not very tasteful first post after months but I am a mom on the edge. Why do you ask am I on the edge besides the typical sleepless nights and hectic deranged days? Well I have had the brilliant idea to also begin school and am currently taking 13 credits. Now I dont know if this ever really seemed like a great idea to me but I went for it consequences be darned. I am attempting to complete my pre-requisites for Nursing in the hopes to eventually become a nurse anesthetist. Lets just call this the 15 year plan. By the time my kids are in college I should have a very rewarding and lucrative career. In the meantime I will continue my efforts of reviving my starved and dying brain cells and try to learn something. Come to find out Im not as completely brain dead as I have felt and have actually been able to learn quite a lot and get some very good grades. I say this knowing that I still have more than half a semester left but so far so good.
Brian is still working like a madman and going to school full time as well. Bless his soul! What a man!
Gabby is as active and talkative as ever and has now started saying "fantastic" when something especially tickles her fancy. She still calls Brian babe and is still a super sweet and gentle big sister. She has made Oliver laugh more than anyone else ever and he adores her. Still working on finding her some girls to play with her age but I guess Ill have to settle for being her best friend in the meantime. She is a little beauty and constantly amazes me with her memory and her sweet spirit.
Oliver is a little wild man and has resorted to screaming when he doesn't get his way or if something is happening that he doesn't agree with.. Like being put down... ever! Overall though he is a happy little guy and has a smile to die for.
We are blessed to have these little ones in our family! Lets hope I can continue to keep them happy, healthy and alive! Ive threatened a few time to throw them out in the snow but so far I have been able to refrain. I will give the credit to Heavenly Father who has obviously heard my thousands of prayers in which I beg for more patience to be a better mom. Sometimes I feel like its working and other days I just lock myself in the bathroom for my allotted 3.6 seconds of "alone" time and cry. You cant imagine the rejuvenating properties of a good and quick bathroom melt down. I will leave you with pictures of those two little beings who most of the time remind me that it is all worth it.