Thursday, May 29, 2008

What the thrush!!

What an eventful 24 hours. After virtually no sleep last night and a non-existent nap this morning it was apparent that my little girl was not feeling very well. Having had our first ear infection not more than three weeks ago I decided to get her into the doctor and see what else could possible be wrong. After waiting an hour it was determined that she still had an ear infection (way to go antibiotics) and because of the lame first set of antiobiotics she now has a lovely case of thrush. Thrush is basically a yeast infection in the mouth. Now we are on stronger antibiotics, enzymes to help counter act the stronger antiobiotic killing all the good things in her body (hence the thrush in the first place), more ear drops, as well as an oral medication for the thrush which apparently results in a very purple mouth and also stains everything in sight. Here are a couple of pictures of Gabriella not so happy about her new purple mouth. Thankfully she is now sleeping like an angel due to the many drugs now coursing through her little body. Maybe its time for mommy nap time as well.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


A few hours ago I was talking to one of my dear friends all about my new blog. I was excited until she said "I cant wait to read it, I bet its hilarious". I instantly wanted to tell her that I was lying and I didnt have a blog afterall so not to bother looking for it. I realized a little late (after I already sent the link to everyone I know) that my blog is not funny. Not even close. In fact I dont even think I know what funny is anymore.

Is it funny when I realize a little too late that the wet spot on my daughters bum is diahrea and not water, and that I sniffed a little too closely and it got on my lips?

Is it funny that the only pair of jeans that fit me are covered in mashed bananas and drool and yet I wont wash them because they wouldnt fit anymore?

Is it funny that the only web site I really care about is and
only because I am trying to find pictures of celebrities (mainly Brittany Spears) that look worse than I do or that have been admitted to rehab?

Is it funny that I have spent nearly an hour trying to come up with things in my life that might be funny?

In short... I apologize if my blog is not as funny as some. I will do my best to not only include witty dialogue and catchphrases but also other very humorous anecdotes. If this means I must steal pages of script from other peoples funnier blogs than so be it. Please help me also by telling me in your comments how "freaking hilarious" I am. That boost of confidence will surely give me the "oomph" I need to really impress all of you with how funny I am. Again dont forget to comment about me being funny. Thanks!

Good morning..

If I have had a rough night taking care of Gabby then Brian always does his best to wake up with her in the morning before work and give me some much needed rest. A couple of days ago Brian got up with her and I could hear him exclaim to her over the baby monitor that she had a very poopy diaper. I think there were also a few squeals when she attempted to also grab that very poopy diaper which resulted in very poopy fingers. I went in to offer assistance and then went to lie back down. About 20 minutes later Brian came in with Gabby and asks if it is possible for her to have peed through her diaper and onto the kitchen floor. I thought it was probably water and told him to just wipe it up and not to worry. When I went into the kitchen a bit later and asked him about it he replied that yes she had indeed peed all over the kitchen floor. Apparently this was only possible seeing as Brian had completly forgotten to put a diaper on her. He just zipped her back up in her jammies and put her in her high chair for breakfast. When she finally went, it leaked through the high chair and puddled all over the floor. Im pretty sure that will be the last time he forgets a diaper. .

Gabby and Daddy

Gabby loves her daddy so much and get so excited when he comes home. She squeals and crawls as fast as she can the minute he walks through the door. She is definitely daddies little princess. Brian is wonderful with her and has the patience of a saint which is something I am hoping will rub off on me one of these days.

Its about time!!

Finally! Its official!! I am a blogger!!!

I really have been meaning to do this for quite some time and was convinced that I would be a bad parent if I didnt share all about us and our little girl with all of our friends and family. So much happens and things change so fast that this seemed like the best way to keep everyone updated on the life and times of our little family. Gabriella is nearly 1 which is pretty amazing in itself. She is growing so fast and still has no teeth to show for it. She is pretty good with those gums of hers though and manages to eat her way though just about everything. Today is beautiful so we took a walk and she coo'd and talked to just about everything and everyone we saw. She is crawling so fast is standing but not quite walking. Hopefully she will give me a couple of months before she decides to start that. This past weekend was Memorial weekend and we were able to spend the day in Richfield with my Bird family. This gives me a most welcome break as Gabriella gets shared between Grandma, Grandpa and all the aunts. I pretty much dont have to do anything except relax which is wonderful. We were even able to go see a movie while Grandma watched baby. It was great!

We are living in Heber City and we love it. This valley is absolutely gorgeous and the people have been wonderful to us. Our ward has welcomed us with open arms and given us some fun callings as well. Brian is Sunday School President and I am in the nursery (I knew it was just a matter of time before I was put there). We hope to live in this valley for as long as possible and if all goes well we hope to soon buy our first house.

Brian and are taking a much needed vacation to Hawaii at the end of the month which we are thrilled about. I will of course share pictures and stories when we get back.

We love you all and are excited to share with you all of the ups and downs of parenting and life in general.