Monday, July 28, 2008


So we are back from our little vacation to Hawaii and we sure miss it. We had a lovely time with our friends Emily and Mason and Emily's family who are a hoot. It was so sad to come back to reality but we missed our little girl so much that it was actually fun to come home and see her and how much she had grown. She is working on walking now and is a bit unstable on her feet but she probably just gets that from me. Things are going good in our new home in Cedar City. Brian is enjoying his job as a locksmith and will be starting school in a couple of weeks. I am enjoying living by my sister and we have made ourselves very comfortable in their home. Hopefully not so comfortable that they get sick of us. Jessica has a little inflatable pool behind her townhome that Gabriella loves to swim in so that would have to be her new favorite thing. We are totally settled in the house which was a struggle seeing as we only had 4 days here until we left for Hawaii but looks like our blood sweat and tears paid off. Ill do my best to keep this updated now that we finally have internet at our house. Love you all and feel free to come and visit and stay anytime you come to Cedar City... you will love it!!