Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gabby has turned 3 and Oliver had his one year birthday as well. Its really true what they say about them growing up so fast.
Ollie is walking and almost sleeping through the night! Things are really looking up for this little kiddo. No talking yet but still with the sweetest smile in the world (when he isnt trying to bite me). He knows some signs but mostly just pointing and jabbering. We gave him his first real haircut and he looks like such a big boy now.
Gabby is busy as always. No naps anymore but tends to fall asleep in the car and so we just leave her there with the doors open. Pretty great actually. She talks constantly and tends to start most conversations with, "Ok mom, heres the deal", then proceeds to tell me what the "deal" is. Its usually something pretty great for her and not so great for me. She has started asking us if we are her friends or if we are silly gooses. We then reply "yes of course" and she responds by giggling and telling us she loves us. Pretty darling! She loves to read, dance, sing and play with any "friend" who happens to be walking by our house at that moment.This also includes next door neighbors who she likes visit with after ringing their doorbell. She has started pre-school three days a week for two hours and so far loves it. We also love having a little break. And best of all she is completely potty trained. This is a story all on its own but suffice to say we have succeeded despite many incidents to the contrary.
Ollie likes to eat dirt,water, playing with cars and balls and his very favorite thing of all.. being attached to mom. It was fun at first...

Monday, March 15, 2010

The other night as I was feeding Oliver in his room to get him ready to put to bed Gabby was acting very sneakily. I was sitting in his room with the light off and the door open and I could see Gabriella running back and forth from the front rooms into her bedroom and back. Every time she would pass the room I was in she would stop and look in and hide whatever she was carrying and continue running to her destination. The curiosity was killing me but I couldn't get up what with the feeding and everything. This happened probably about a dozen times. Finally I was able to lay Oliver down and went to investigate. This is what I found.

Our kids

Gabriella will be three in June and we are so amazed by all the new things she learns and does and says on a daily basis. She is truly incredible and has a better memory than her father or I. Here are some of the latest
1- runs and jumps, twirls and spins everywhere.
2- sings constantly and not only knows the words to about a dozen songs but makes up her own songs as well. Some of my favorites are the ones she makes up and sings to Oliver to make him feel better.
3- knows her ABC's and sings it all day long
4- counts to 20
5- loves to color and draw
6- dresses up in Princess dresses and heels constantly.. I have found her more than a a couple of times standing in the snow in her heels.
7- still loves her brother and is always trying to help him, sometimes more helpful than others.
8- loves to read her books and has about 30 of them memorized.. still freaks me out when I am reading and she is saying it along with me. Amazing!
9- Definitely still in the terrible twos but lately we are having less terrible and more great. We love our little girl!

Oliver is a little darling and is a sweet little.... mamas boy!! Yikes! I never thought I would end up with one of these but literally he wants to be near me, touching me, looking at me... all day. Still refuses to eat solids and gags every time I try to feed him anything. Apparently I will be nursing this little guy till he heads off to Kindergarten (over my dead body). We love him to pieces though and every day his smile and laugh lights up our lives. He has the most amazing blue eyes and darling little dimple in his chin. Love this little man! Here are some of his latest..
1- now sits up without me helping him. Still a little wobbly but he is doing it!
2- two teeth and counting.. the uppers look like they are on their way.
3- hates his car seat and long trips are kind of painful.. again its the "cant hold mom so I hate it" issue.
4- he is wearing size 12 month clothes and is almost 19 pounds. He is also in the 70% for height.
5- loves his sister!
6- loves his bouncy toys and anything that makes noise and flashes lights.
7- loves people until mommy leaves and then you would have thought his heart was broken
8- still waking up at nights but we are working on it. Last night I got a stretch of 6 hours which was great for us.
9- Loves being outside
10- loves his daddy
We love this little man!

Dance Class

Gabriella loves to dance and sing and just anything that is girly and where she gets to move and run a lot. We have been able to start taking her to a mommy and me dance class and she loves it. It has been so fun and she talks about it all week long. I dont know if she will be able to make it a career seeing as she will probably be over six feet tall but so far we are having fun and keeping her busy. Two great things in our world.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New tooth, school and other life altering phenomenon

Houston we have a tooth! Its a miracle! After teething for what has seemed like at least the majority of his life so far we finally have something to show for it. Although my excitement is genuine I also at the same time cringe in agony to picture that little tooth clamping onto my... well one of those things that babies feed from. You know.. those sensitive things which at one time were nice and perky and that are now swollen and saggy and soon to be teething chew toys. I apologize if this is a not very tasteful first post after months but I am a mom on the edge. Why do you ask am I on the edge besides the typical sleepless nights and hectic deranged days? Well I have had the brilliant idea to also begin school and am currently taking 13 credits. Now I dont know if this ever really seemed like a great idea to me but I went for it consequences be darned. I am attempting to complete my pre-requisites for Nursing in the hopes to eventually become a nurse anesthetist. Lets just call this the 15 year plan. By the time my kids are in college I should have a very rewarding and lucrative career. In the meantime I will continue my efforts of reviving my starved and dying brain cells and try to learn something. Come to find out Im not as completely brain dead as I have felt and have actually been able to learn quite a lot and get some very good grades. I say this knowing that I still have more than half a semester left but so far so good.
Brian is still working like a madman and going to school full time as well. Bless his soul! What a man!
Gabby is as active and talkative as ever and has now started saying "fantastic" when something especially tickles her fancy. She still calls Brian babe and is still a super sweet and gentle big sister. She has made Oliver laugh more than anyone else ever and he adores her. Still working on finding her some girls to play with her age but I guess Ill have to settle for being her best friend in the meantime. She is a little beauty and constantly amazes me with her memory and her sweet spirit.
Oliver is a little wild man and has resorted to screaming when he doesn't get his way or if something is happening that he doesn't agree with.. Like being put down... ever! Overall though he is a happy little guy and has a smile to die for.
We are blessed to have these little ones in our family! Lets hope I can continue to keep them happy, healthy and alive! Ive threatened a few time to throw them out in the snow but so far I have been able to refrain. I will give the credit to Heavenly Father who has obviously heard my thousands of prayers in which I beg for more patience to be a better mom. Sometimes I feel like its working and other days I just lock myself in the bathroom for my allotted 3.6 seconds of "alone" time and cry. You cant imagine the rejuvenating properties of a good and quick bathroom melt down. I will leave you with pictures of those two little beings who most of the time remind me that it is all worth it.