Monday, March 15, 2010

Our kids

Gabriella will be three in June and we are so amazed by all the new things she learns and does and says on a daily basis. She is truly incredible and has a better memory than her father or I. Here are some of the latest
1- runs and jumps, twirls and spins everywhere.
2- sings constantly and not only knows the words to about a dozen songs but makes up her own songs as well. Some of my favorites are the ones she makes up and sings to Oliver to make him feel better.
3- knows her ABC's and sings it all day long
4- counts to 20
5- loves to color and draw
6- dresses up in Princess dresses and heels constantly.. I have found her more than a a couple of times standing in the snow in her heels.
7- still loves her brother and is always trying to help him, sometimes more helpful than others.
8- loves to read her books and has about 30 of them memorized.. still freaks me out when I am reading and she is saying it along with me. Amazing!
9- Definitely still in the terrible twos but lately we are having less terrible and more great. We love our little girl!

Oliver is a little darling and is a sweet little.... mamas boy!! Yikes! I never thought I would end up with one of these but literally he wants to be near me, touching me, looking at me... all day. Still refuses to eat solids and gags every time I try to feed him anything. Apparently I will be nursing this little guy till he heads off to Kindergarten (over my dead body). We love him to pieces though and every day his smile and laugh lights up our lives. He has the most amazing blue eyes and darling little dimple in his chin. Love this little man! Here are some of his latest..
1- now sits up without me helping him. Still a little wobbly but he is doing it!
2- two teeth and counting.. the uppers look like they are on their way.
3- hates his car seat and long trips are kind of painful.. again its the "cant hold mom so I hate it" issue.
4- he is wearing size 12 month clothes and is almost 19 pounds. He is also in the 70% for height.
5- loves his sister!
6- loves his bouncy toys and anything that makes noise and flashes lights.
7- loves people until mommy leaves and then you would have thought his heart was broken
8- still waking up at nights but we are working on it. Last night I got a stretch of 6 hours which was great for us.
9- Loves being outside
10- loves his daddy
We love this little man!

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